For Schools


The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) provides parliamentary education services to schools, teachers and students.

The PEO is situated right inside Australia’s federal Parliament. Their experienced staff work closely with members of parliament and parliamentary officers. This gives them the opportunity to constantly observe Parliament in action and share their knowledge Australia wide.

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Parliament NOW

The Parliament is made up of 226 parliamentarians – 150 members in the House of Representatives and 76 senators in the Senate.

Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets are an A–Z of the Parliament. They provide detailed information about its history, processes and people, as well as its role in governing Australia.

Closer Look

Discover Australia's Parliament through a detailed exploration of how it works, its structure and origins, and the people and events that have shaped Australia's system of governance.

Assignment Assist

Assignment Assistant is an easy way to get help with your projects or homework on Parliament.
Just choose a subject and you’ll be directed to a heap of resources and relevant information.

Federal Parliament History Timeline

Explore the history of Australia’s Parliament with this easy to use timeline. Investigate the milestones to find out how the work of the Parliament has influenced the development of Australia since federation.


Kidsview is a collection of animations and interactives which make learning about parliament fun and accessible.

For Teachers

Role-play lesson plans

These lesson plans use role-play to teach the key functions and concepts relating to Australia's federal Parliament. They have been designed for both primary and secondary school students.

Parliamentary lesson plans

The Parliamentary Lesson Plans encourage investigation of parliamentary principles, concepts and processes. They use highly interactive, student-focused activities such as parliamentary role-plays, teamwork, speeches and debate. They are designed to make teaching the core functions of federal Parliament an enjoyable and easy exercise.

Mini role-play lesson plans

Explore some of the different ways that members of parliament represent the people and hold the government to account. These mini role-plays provide a quick introduction to the day to day work of the Parliament.



Get a 'snapshot' on important elements of Parliament, find out how Parliament works, or learn how to teach a role-play in the classroom.


An extensive collection of photos and diagrams to help you learn or teach about Parliament.