Tarneit Library RDAF Funding

Mar 17, 2014

I move:

That this House:

  1. notes the importance of investing in local communities to assist them in meeting future challenges and seizing future opportunities;
  2. acknowledges that the Regional Development...


Mar 17, 2014

I rise today with pleasure to pay tribute to a sport that has delivered enormous social good for over a century in communities across our nation. Netball taught me, and...


Mar 05, 2014

I rise to speak in response to appeals from Qantas workers living in my community. Once again, and it is becoming a sadly familiar occurrence, I am being contacted by...

Cambridge Primary School

Mar 03, 2014

On 17 February this year, I visited Cambridge Primary School in my electorate. I commend the Principal, Meenah Marchbank, for leading this school on an amazing improvement journey. In 2002,...

Iramoo Primary School Visit

Mar 03, 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to again visit the very impressive Iramoo Primary School, in Wyndham Vale, named after the Wurundjeri people's word for the stretch of land upon...