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  • GST win for local community

    Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has congratulated the community on its successful campaign to force the Abbott Government to back down on imposing the GST on moveable homes.

    “This is fantastic news for those living in local residential parks but also the wider community,” Ms Ryan said.

    “But it was only achieved because of the work and determination of local residents who were willing to stand up and be heard.”

    Ms Ryan raised the matter in Parliament on multiple occasions and presented the House with a petition protesting the change.

    “Locally, we campaigned strongly and together we have successfully fought against this plan.”

     “This back down will provide some welcome relief to those living in mobile homes, particularly those on a pension or fixed retirement income.”

    “As with most of the Abbott Government’s policies, this would have hurt the most vulnerable in our community.”

  • GST on mobile home parks

    I am extremely concerned about the Australian tax office's draft ruling to increase the GST on mobile home parks. I am advised that my electorate of Lalor has approximately 620 mobile or demountable homes, with almost 950 permanent residents who will be adversely affected by this ruling. Earlier this week, I spoke about tenancy eviction and homelessness in my electorate. This draft ruling is another housing pressure that our community cannot afford.

    My office has been inundated by local residents from various retirement villages who are concerned about the burden of having to find between $700 and $1,200 extra per year to pay the GST if it is applied and passed on. One constituent in particular, Bob from Ison village in Wyndham, is very worried about the impact this draft ruling could have on him and others like him, not only financially but also the undue stress it will cause.

    I am aware that residents in three Lalor retirement villages are currently preparing petitions to the House on this matter. Mr Abbott promised during the election campaign that there would be no change to the GST, but now he is in government it feels like another promise is going to be broken.

    I stand in the House today to oppose the increase in GST on moveable homes and implore the government to keep its promise and remove the worry this draft ruling is currently causing to the people in my electorate of Lalor.

  • GST change would hurt local mobile home owners

    In a speech in Parliament today, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has urged the Abbott Government to overturn a draft Australian Tax Office (ATO) ruling that could see local mobile home owners facing higher rents.

    The ATO has issued a draft decision on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by park owners who are managing properties where mobile homes are based.

    “If the ruling goes ahead, park owners will be hit by having to pay double the GST on leased sites,” Ms Ryan said.

    “I am concerned that not only would this mean higher costs for park owners, but that these costs will be passed on to residents.”

    “Mortgage stress and tenancy eviction are already massive issues in Wyndham. This is another housing pressure our community cannot afford.”

    Ms Ryan said there were thousands of Australians permanently living in demountable or mobile homes in privately run home parks who could be affected.

     “They own their home but pay site fees of up to $250 a week. This ruling could mean an annual GST bill of up to $1200 a year if a 10 per cent tax is applied.”

    “Many of the people who live in mobile homes are pensioners and families – this would be a cost they couldn’t incur. And yet we are still waiting to hear from the Coalition about the impact of the draft ruling.”

    “Mr Abbott promised during the election campaign that there would be no change to the GST. In Government, Mr Abbott is again breaking a promise he made, showing time and time again that this is not the government Australian’s were promised.”

    “I call on Mr Abbott to explain whether he supports the ATO’s ruling or not.”