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  • Lalor pensioners, families and young people paying for Abbott's lies

    This week marks one year of Tony Abbott’s lies, deceit and broken promises. A year on and pensioners, families and young people across Lalor are paying for Abbott’s lies.

    One year on, whether you are on the Age Pension, the Disability Support Pension, the Carer Payment or Newstart Allowance, Tony Abbott has you in his sights.

    The pension is under attack. Family payments are being slashed. And young people will be left without income support for six months.

    Federal Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan said “these attacks are bad news for large number of Lalor residents. The Abbott Government is already making life particularly difficult for Lalor residents by introducing a GP Tax, Petrol Tax and freezing superannuation. Attacks on income support measures will make things even tougher for local families”.

    Locally there is:

    • 11,263 people on an Age Pension
    • 5,210 people on a Disability Support Pension
    • 2,153 people on a Carer Payment, and
    • 6,802 Newstart Allowance recipients

    One year on, low and middle income Australians are under attack. This is not the Government they said they would be.

    On the eve of the election last year, the Prime Minister twice promised no changes to pensions:

    “We’re not going to reduce pensions…”


    “No change to pensions, no change to the GST.”


    We now know that he lied.

    He also promised that he would:

    “Reduce cost of living pressures.”


    And yet families face cuts of $7.5 billion slashed from their family budgets.

    Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget will leave a single income family on $65,000 as much as $6,000 a year worse off.

    In just one year, Tony Abbott has introduced legislation to:

    • Cut the Age Pension, the Carer Payment and the Disability Support Pension by $23 billion, leaving pensioners $80 a week worse off within ten years;
    • Raise the retirement age to 70;
    • Abolish the Seniors Supplement
    • Cut families off Family Tax Benefit Part B when their youngest child turns 6;
    • Cut Newstart for young people under 30;
    • Slash Family Tax Benefit End of Year Supplements;
    • And he has already abolished the Schoolkids Bonus and the Income Support Bonus.

    The reality is that this is has been a horror year for low and middle income Australians.

    Australians know they were deceived.

    Labor will stand with pensioners, families, young jobseekers and every hardworking Australian and fight Tony Abbott’s savage attack on their standard of living.

    Australians can’t afford another year of Abbott’s lies. 

  • Tony Abbott's double hit on sick in Lalor

    Families in Lalor will be the hardest hit across Australia by Tony Abbott’s double hit on sick Australians, Joanne Ryan said today.

    “The combination of Tony Abbott’s new GP tax and his medicines price hike mean sick Australians will pay more,” said Ms Ryan. “The sick and vulnerable will pay for Tony Abbott’s broken promises on health and that’s not right.”

    Health Department figures obtained by Labor have revealed the GP Tax and medicine price hikes will cost sick Australians in Lalor $52 million more over the next four years - the highest amount across the country.

    Tony Abbott promised the Australian people ‘no cuts to health’ before the election. He also promised families in Lalor that he was ‘about getting rid of taxes, not imposing new taxes’.

    Tony Abbott broke that promise when he cut more than $50 billion from hospitals and hit sick Australians with a $7 GP Tax.

    Tony Abbott also wants to force sick Australians to pay an extra $1.2 billion for medicines over the next four years. For patients in Lalor, it will mean paying 15 per cent more for prescription medicines.

    The combination of the new GP tax and the medicines price hike will cost every single person in Lalor an average of $297. A cruel and heartless hit on those in Lalor that can least afford it, the sick and the vulnerable.

    The Abbott Government‘s GP Tax will also put more pressure on Australia’s hospital system and lead to much worse health outcomes. The GP Tax and hospital cuts will increase emergency department waiting times and reduce the number of hospital beds across Lalor.

    “Families in Lalor who are already struggling to make ends meet cannot afford to pay to take their sick child or elderly parent to the doctor or pay higher prices for essential medicines.”

    “Labor is the only party that can be trusted with Australia’s health system and we will fight any attempt to dismantle universal healthcare in Australia.”

  • Abbott cuts funding in a double hit to Lalor commuters

    The Abbott Government’s decision to cut funding to local councils is deeply concerning given the transport issues faced by Lalor residents.

    Yesterday’s announcement of $2.3 billion in Financial Assistance Grants to local government confirms that councils all over the country will receive a cut in real terms this year, because of Mr Abbott’s short-sighted decision to freeze annual indexation of the grants, which are used for roads and other council spending.

    Federal Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has released new analysis today showing more than $3.36 million had been cut to Wyndham Council for local roads and other priority projects over the next three years.

    “The Abbott Government’s significant cuts to local council will result in even further turmoil for local commuters who continue to battle road congestion across Lalor,” Ms Ryan said.

    The Abbott Government’s own budget papers outline their attack on local road funding.


    “This program makes local roads safer by improving conditions and easing congestion. This decision is placing an unreasonable burden on Wyndham Council and will severely compromise road safety standards,” Ms Ryan said.

    “Wyndham Council will now have to make tough decisions about what they will cut because of the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget. That can only hurt services, roads and jobs.”

    The freeze comes on top of bungling Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss’s inept failure to secure continued funding to continue the $2.1 billion Roads to Recovery scheme, which expired on June 30.

    Despite bi-partisan support for Roads to Recovery, Mr Truss forgot to put legislation to the Senate allowing for the scheme’s continuation prior to the June 30 expiry date.

    Wyndham Council received $3.57 million from the Labor Government under Roads to Recovery between 2009-10 and 2013-14. Future funding under this program is now uncertain.

    “These Budget measures rip out vital money needed for roads and community facilities needed in this high growth area,” Ms Ryan

    “The cut of one road funding program and the bungling of another proves how inept this Government is. Not only can they not get their budget right, they also can’t manage the business of the parliament right either.

    “Their incompetence is costing Lalor commuters dearly.


    Estimated Financial Assistance Grants to Wyndham City Council 2014–15 to 2016–17


    2013–14 Budget

    Labor Budget

    2014–15 Budget

    Liberal Budget


















    *Compares variance for Victorian Financial assistance to local governments between 2013-14 Federal Budget and 2014-15 Federal Budget over the forward estimates.  Assumes Wyndham Council will continue to receive 2.5677% of grants to Victoria as occurred in 2013-14.


  • Councils and community groups in Lalor feeling budget sting

    Community groups and local councils in the Victorian electorate of Lalor are still reeling from the impacts of the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget three months after it was handed down in May.

    Shadow Minister for Finance Tony Burke was in Lalor today with Federal Member Joanne Ryan to meet with councils and community organisations and hear firsthand the impacts of Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget in the local community, particularly on unemployment.

    Unemployment in Melbourne’s West including Lalor jumped to 8.8 per cent in recent months, 2.4 per cent above the national average. Representatives from more than 20 community organisations shared with Mr Burke and Ms Ryan the impacts on the local community.

    One participant described it as a “perfect storm” for young people with cuts to support programs including Youth Connections, cuts to apprenticeship support and changes to university fees, which combined with the unfair changes to NewStart will put extreme pressure on local support services.

    Health, with a particular focus on mental health, housing and job support programs were also highlighted as major issues. Other Issues raised included:

    • Lalor being the worst impacted electorate in Australia by the Gonski cuts, 
    • More than 10,000 families in Lalor being stung by cuts to childcare, 
    • An additional $11 million yearly impost as a result of the Government’s GP tax, and 
    • The hit to family budgets as a result of the Fuel Tax and Lalor families having longer commute times.

    Ms Ryan said the Budget had ripped away many support programs for youth: “I am pleased Tony was able to hear firsthand from our local services about the Budget impact. I’m certain he will recount the local impact back in Canberra when Parliament returns in a couple of weeks.”

    Mr Burke said he was concerned to hear about the impact on local roads as a result of the Budget measure to pause indexation of the Local Government Financial Assistance Grants program.

    “This program makes local roads safer by improving conditions and easing congestion,” Mr Burke said.

    “Councils all over Australia are now having to make tough decisions about what they will cut because of the Abbott Government’s unfair Budget. That can only hurt services, roads and jobs.”

    Ms Ryan said more than $3.1million had been cut from Wyndham Council over three years as a result of the Budget measure.

    “This Budget measure rips out vital money needed for roads and community facilities needed in this high growth area,” Ms Ryan

  • Joanne Ryan releases information kit for new residents

    Federal Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan has released an information kit for new residents to assist them find information about services across our region.

    “With so many new families joining our community each week, it has always been important for residents to have access to information about the range of different services available to them across our region,” Federal Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan said.

    This new resident’s kit fills a gap and is a useful starting point for local families to get relevant information, easily and simply.


    Joanne Ryan prepares copies of her New Residents Kit

    “If families are looking for information about local health and education services, child care support, veterans’ affairs, or even immigration services, then my kit can help.

    “I have also put together a list of handy contact numbers that included emergency services, political representatives, and major utility providers.

    This kit compliments my regular Ryan Report newsletter that is distributed to Lalor residents providing information about what I have been doing both locally and in Parliament, as well as information about the issues that are affecting our community.

    The kit includes range of fact sheets such as:

    • Your Local Representatives
    • Local Health Services
    • Local Education Services
    • Immigration and Citizenship
    • Human Services
    • Elections and Voting
    • Handy Contact Numbers
    • Veterans' Affairs
    • Community Grants
    • Childcare and Related Services
    • Sport and Recreation

    Local residents can receive a new residents kit by calling my office on 03 9742 5800 or visiting my office at 2/36 Synnot Street, Werribee. It is also available on my website

  • Abbott’s school cuts hit Lalor harder than anywhere else

    New analysis of the Government’s own figures, released recently, shows Tony Abbott’s cuts will leave schools in the electorate of Lalor $277 million worse off over the next decade – the biggest hit to any community in Australia.

    The Abbott Government’s Budget cut $80 billion from schools and hospitals – with $30 billion of that coming directly from schools.

    “This is the biggest ever cut to our schools, with $30 billion to be ripped from classrooms over the next decade,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Education Minister, said.

    “This community has a young and growing population, meaning we will be the worst hit area in the country.” Joanne Ryan, Member for Lalor, said.

    “The impact of these cuts are very real - every student will get $1,000 less support, every year.”

    These cuts are the equivalent to sacking one in seven teachers and will mean a cut to the average school of $3.2 million.

    “Students will miss out on the individual support they need, including literacy and numeracy programs, sport, music and extra teachers,”

    “Tony Abbott’s cuts are being felt in our classrooms now, with principals simply unable to begin new programs because these massive cuts are hanging over their heads.”

    “Our teachers want to continue improving our schools, not trying to find ways to deal with the biggest ever cuts to our schools.”

    Kate Ellis and Joanne Ryan are calling on principals, teachers, parents and students to get involved and stand up against school cuts.

    The cuts announced in the Budget mean there is no funding for the vital fifth and sixth years of the Gonski reforms and restrict indexation to CPI from 2018. With the ABS Education Price Index currently at 5.1 per cent, that will mean a significant and compounding cut in real terms.

    “This just goes to show that Tony Abbott really doesn’t get what is important to local families and that’s making sure our children get a great education so they have the best opportunities in life,” Joanne Ryan said.

    Joanne Ryan said it was time Dennis Napthine found his voice and stood up for Victoria, instead of quietly complying with Tony Abbott’s destructive agenda.

    “He should stop covering for his political mate, Tony Abbott, and put our schools first,” Joanne Ryan said.

    Kate Ellis said Labor was committed to the Gonski school reforms.

    “Labor will fight so that every child can get the individual support they need, no matter where they go to school,” Kate Ellis said.

  • Inaugural Sports President evening a great success

    Joanne Ryan, yesterday, launched her inaugural Sports President evening at the Werribee Football Club.

    ‘As a netball coach and through the various sporting activities of my sons, I know it is important to recognise the vital work by so many volunteers, to make our local sporting clubs the success they are’.

    From serving on the committee, to arranging rosters, maintaining our sporting facilities, running club fundraisers, collecting fees and ensuring sporting equipment and uniforms are in tip top condition, our local clubs are so well served by many volunteers.

    The evening was an opportunity for local clubs to hear from Justin Madden, former AFL great and former Minister for Sport and the Commonwealth Games about the enormous value of sport and participation.

    Joanne Ryan asked sporting clubs to think making a nomination for her annual volunteer awards.

    The evening was also an opportunity to make a presentation to the latest Local Sporting Champions, a special award to recognise and assist for young athletes to achieve. The following young athletes were successful in Lalor.

    • Zac Anthony competing in the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships
    • Jacob Bosnjakovic competing in the Australian IRB Surf Championships
    • Jesse Corbett competing in the Australian BMX titles
    • Wesley Dejong competing in the Australian School Baseball championships
    • Jacob Epperson competing in the Australian School Basketball championships
    • Callan Gilboy competing in the Australian Indoor Cricket Championships
    • Carly Giodmania competing in the President Shield Tenpin Bowling Championships
    • Clare Hodgart competing in the Australian Cross Country Championships
    • Lachlan King captain of the Victorian team for the Australian Indoor Cricket Championships
    • Ethan Partridge competing in the Australian BMX titles
    • Karlene Pircher competing in the Junior Pan Pac Swimming Championships
    • Bradon Te Hiko competing in the Australian BMX titles
    • Amanda Tessari competing in the Australian Youth Girls Football Championships
    • Joshua Thomson competing in the President Shield Tenpin Bowling Championships
    • Nathan Veal competing in the Australian Elite Junior Diving Championships

    We wish these young athletes all the best in their various competitions and know they will great representatives of our local area.

    ‘I plan to make the local Sports President night an annual feature, if your club would like to be involved in the future please pass on your contact details to my office’.

  • Ryan urges Napthine Government to support local schools

    Joanne Ryan, has written to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine urging the Victorian Liberal Government to come to the party and provide much needed funding to Lalor Schools.

    The Federal Labor Government invested heavily to provide capital funding to local schools under the Building the Education Revolution program, but unfortunately more funding is needed.

    “Wyndham is a high growth area and as predicted, has reached a milestone 200,000 residents in July this year. This growth will continue with an average of 80 babies born locally each week.

    “This high growth makes infrastructure spending on schools, both new and existing, critical for the region’s future.

    “While Federal Labor invested heavily in education across our region, we have seen our local schools now neglected by State and Federal Liberal Government’s,” Federal Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan said.

    “This capital funding, combined with well-targeted support for disadvantaged and Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) students is so important for the education outcomes of our community.

    “The Victorian Government needs to support the local school communities who have been sorely neglected over the past three years in recurrent, capital and maintenance expenditure. Many of our aging schools are in desperate need of funding to upgrade facilities to a standard acceptable for our students.

    The increased need of funding for local schools is exasperated by the Abbott Government’s failure to guarantee that no school will be worse off as part of their election cuts.

  • Let your voice be heard in Canberra

    Federal Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan, has urged senior high school students across the community to put their views to the parliament by entering the My First Speech Competition.

    The nationwide competition is now open to all Australian secondary students enrolled in years 10 to 12. Students entering the completion will go in the running to win cash prizes and a trip to Parliament House in Canberra.

    “The competition provides young people in across the Lalor community with an opportunity to present their principles and vision for our country to a judging panel, who will select three winners to present their speech, live in the parliament,” Ms Ryan said.

    “Preparing and making a speech to parliament is a challenge for even the most experienced orators, but it also an extremely rewarding experience to represent the interests of your community in the House.

    “This competition asks high school students to write and video a 3 minute speech as if it was their first speech to the House of Representatives.

    “Members’ maiden speeches give you a clear insight into shaping of their ideology, what brought them to represent their community in the parliament and their vision for their country and community.

    “I expect these speeches from young people around the country will be no different and this competition provides a platform to express those views to our current elected representatives.”

    House of Representatives Education Committee Chair Ewen Jones and Deputy Chair Alannah MacTiernan will be judging the entries along with Seven News political editor Mark Riley.

    Go to for more details and to view the speeches of previous winners.

    Joanne Ryan’s first speech in Parliament:

    If local students email their first speech to [email protected] then Joanne Ryan will also share these on her Facebook page.

    Entries are due by Friday 12 September 2014.

  • Centenary of ANZAC grant for Little River Historical Society

    I want congratulate the Little River Historical Society for their successful grant for the Centenary of ANZAC.

    Little River Historical Society President Les Sanderson and the team put together a strong application which has broad community support.

    This grant of over $50,000 will be used to build a memorial to two First World War local nurses, Sister Catherine (Kit) McNaughton and Sister Sarah (Sadie) McIntosh.

    They were cousins, both born and raised in Little River. The memorial is to honour their role and the contribution made by local serving women during the Great War. It will be unveiled to coincide with the centenary of the departure of Sister McNaughton from Station Pier in Port Melbourne to her war time duties on 17 July 1915.

    Kit McNaughton's service was mentioned in dispatches by Winston Churchill. After the war, she was awarded the Royal Red Cross First Class, a British award presented by the then Prince of Wales—who became King Edward VII—on his visit to Australia in 1920.

    Kit McNaughton's story will also be shared with the broader Australian public this year through Screen Australia's The Other Anzacs, and the ABC documentary series, The War That Made Us. Both are due to be screened soon.

    Joanne Ryan and Les Sanderson

    Joanne Ryan MP and Les Sanderson discuss the importance of the new memorial to the local community

    On behalf of my community, I would like to thank Dr Janet Butler for her curiosity about the nurses from our region and her pursuit of family history for her research.

    Through that research, she found the diaries kept by Kit during her war service and wrote Kitty's War: The Remarkable Wartime Experiences of Kit McNaughton, published in 2013.

    Janet was awarded the New South Wales Premier's History Award for 2013 for this work.

    From the diaries of Kit McNaughton, Janet traced many of the nurses who served with her and heard their stories. Through letters and diaries and stories, Janet was able to trace not just their service but their relationships and their lives after the war. Janet's work has informed the ABC documentary. I also acknowledge the work of Clare Wright, our most recent recipient of the Stella Award, for her work on the documentary.

    I would also like to thank the independent panel members in Lalor who have assessed and made recommendations from the community: the Honourable Tim Pallas State member for Tarneit; Ms Margaret Campbell, a respected local historian and author; and Ms Judith Gilbert, a long time history teacher and now secretary of the B24 Liberator restoration in Werribee.

    I look forward to Kit and Sadie having a permanent memorial in the town they grew up in, and in the region they returned to, where Kit married and raised her family. I would also note that Kit McNaughton is my grandmother.