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  • Melbourne Metro Would Boost Economy

    Tony Abbott should support both Victorian jobs and infrastructure by reversing his decision to cut $3 billion in funding for the Melbourne Metro, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has said today.

    “After the devastating news that Toyota will cease production from 2017, now is the time for the Federal Government to be supporting jobs and industry,” Ms Ryan said.

    “Investing $3 billion in the Metro tunnel would help workers and relieve growing pressure on our public transport network – it’s win-win.”

    “I know how much this kind of investment would mean for local workers worried about their future, as well as helping residents using public transport.”

    Ms Ryan said despite Mr Abbott slashing funding for the project, money had already been allocated in the existing Commonwealth budget by the former Labor Government.

    “The money is ready and waiting, and this investment is just the kind of economic boost our state needs.”

    “With today’s figures showing that unemployment had risen to 6.4 per cent in Victoria, the Abbott Government to stand up and support our state.”

    Ms Ryan said that with rising unemployment and additional job losses across the state, it was time for the Abbott Government to act.

    “Enough is enough. Mr Abbott’s stubborn refusal to invest in public transport is hurting workers, hurting infrastructure and hurting our economy.”

  • Abbott Government Blocks Manufacturing Debate

    Joanne Ryan, Member for Lalor, has described the Abbott Government's decision to block discussion about local manufacturing as a cynical attempt to censor debate.

    Ms Ryan said the Coalition had used their majority in the House of Representatives to avoid further comment regarding the end of Toyota's operations and the troubled manufacturing industry.

    "More Wyndham residents work in manufacturing than in any other industry, but the Abbott Government has deliberately prevented me from raising the concerns of residents regarding job losses," Ms Ryan said.

    "They have suppressed not only my voice - but the voice of every single local resident affected by this issue."

    Ms Ryan said she had hoped she would be able to discuss how the recent Toyota announcement would impact upon workers, their families and the wider community.

    "Instead the Abbott Government has tried to shut down debate and shirk their responsibility in bringing about these job losses."

    "But it is my role to represent the concerns of our community and I will continue to do this - whether the Abbott Government wants me to or not."

  • Toyota Announcement

    The announcement that Toyota will cease manufacturing operations in Australia is devastating. This is sad news for our community and will have a profound impact upon many.

    It will mean the direct loss of 2500 jobs at the Altona factory, but will also have flow on effects for thousands of others working in linked and service industries.

    This will affect local families too – husbands, wives, partners and children. Many are already bearing the brunt of cuts from the Abbott Government, and my thoughts are with them during what must be an extraordinarily difficult time.

    It is also bad news for our state, with tens of thousands of Victorian jobs now at risk. Component manufacturing workers, related small business employees and those in the Research and Development sector are also in danger of losing their jobs.

    This will have a disastrous and long-lasting impact on our state’s economy, future industry potential and job creation in Victoria.

    Ultimately, this situation demonstrates the Abbott Government’s failure to work proactively to secure our automotive industry and support Australian jobs.

    Prime Minister Abbott could - and should - have worked with both General Motors and Toyota to find ways to ensure their continued presence in Australia. Instead, he has played politics with the livelihood of thousands.

    The Labor Opposition is calling on the Government to be part of a bi-partisan commitment to secure jobs and training for those affected. These workers need opportunities, not to join the unemployment queue.

    Locally, I know that residents will be looking out for affected family, friends and neighbours and I urge our community to stand together in the face of this sad news.

  • Julia Gillard appointed Chair of the Global Partnership for Education

    Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has congratulated former Prime Minister and Member for Lalor Julia Gillard on her appointment as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education.

    “It is fantastic to see Julia’s work in education, both as our local representative and Prime Minister, being recognised," Ms Ryan said.

    “As a tireless and passionate advocate for the truly transformative power of education, Julia is the perfect choice for this role."
    Ms Ryan said that during her time as Prime Minister and Education Minister, Ms Gillard had driven the biggest reforms to Australian education in a generation.

    "We see her improvements every day, in every classroom."

    The Global Partnership for Education is an international organisation focused on supporting school education in developing countries.

  • Wyndham Welcomes New Citizens

    153 new citizens have been welcomed by Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan, as part of Wyndham’s Australia Day celebrations.

    “Australia Day means different things to every Australian, whether they are citizens by birth or by choice,” Ms Ryan said.

    “It is a day to reflect upon our past as well as our present, and an opportunity for everyone to come together to help shape our nation.”

    “Those taking the pledge today are demonstrating their commitment to Australia and to our common future.”

    Ms Ryan said it was a privilege to be a part of the ceremony and to welcome some of Wyndham’s newest citizens.

    “As a community, we are proud of our diversity and together we celebrate our unique mixture of culture and languages.”

    “We are particularly thankful for those who have chosen to make Wyndham their home and we value the contribution you have made and will continue to make to our region.”

  • Recreation Centre Redevelopment Launched

    Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has today welcomed the launch of the Werribee Recreation Centre redevelopment.

    “Local residents will be delighted to see progress being made on such an important community space,” Ms Ryan said.

    “The need for the project was recognised with $9 million in funding from the Gillard Government’s Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) Round Four.”

    Ms Ryan said the redeveloped site would deliver a 12 court indoor sports centre, a gymnasium, four all-weather outdoor courts, as well as a café, crèche and meeting rooms.

    “The Hub is in a great location, between Melbourne and regional Victoria, and has the potential to bring visitors and investment to our region.”

    “The project will promote local sports participation, enhance social inclusion and improve the health and wellbeing of our community.”

    Ms Ryan said that while she was pleased to see the next stage of the redevelopment take place, the Abbott Government had abandoned future funding for similar projects.

    “Under the Abbott Government’s proposed ‘National Stronger Regions’ Fund – which doesn’t even begin until 2015 - there is no specific commitment to funding regional infrastructure and I am concerned that growing communities like Wyndham will be left behind.”

    “The Abbott Government is leaving communities across the country with no funding and lots of uncertainty.”

  • January Schoolkids Bonus Could Be The Last

    The January payment of the Schoolkids Bonus could be the last for 1.3 million Australian families, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has said today.

    “The payment, made in January and July of each year, provides eligible families with $410 for every primary school child and $820 for every secondary school child,” Ms Ryan said.

    “As a former teacher and principal, I know how important this money is to local families to cover the costs of books, uniforms and excursions.”

    Ms Ryan said despite the importance of the payment, the Abbott Government has introduced legislation to scrap the Bonus.

    “This will affect close to 13,000 Wyndham families, representing over 22,000 local students,” she said.

    “If Tony Abbott’s legislation passes the Senate, the January Schoolkids Bonus payment will be their last, meaning every  one of these local families will be worse off.”

    Ms Ryan said that since 2012, the SchoolKids Bonus has delivered much needed relief for low and middle income families struggling to meet the costs of their children’s education.

    “This is a savage cut from the Abbott Government – a Government that clearly doesn’t care about local families or local kids.”

  • Locals urged to be part of anzac centenary

    Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has reminded local residents wishing to attend Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli next year that the ballot will close on 31 January.

     “With only a few weeks to go, it’s really important that anyone who wants to be there submit their application as soon as possible.”

     Ms Ryan said the ballot system had been agreed upon by the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey as the most fair and equitable process for organising attendance.

     “Thousands of Australians will want to be a part of this truly exceptional experience and so I would urge local people to register at .”

     Ms Ryan also reminded local community groups to apply for funding under the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program for projects within the Wyndham community.

     Ms Ryan said that the program provided each electorate with $125,000 in funding to commemorate the Anzac Centenary and the First World War I.

     “These grants are open now, so those in the community thinking about developing a project to commemorate the Centenary should apply for funding,” Ms Ryan said.

     “This is an important opportunity to honour the service and sacrifice of Australian servicemen and women, so I would encourage our community groups to get involved.” Program guidelines and applications are available on the Anzac Centenary website at

  • GST win for local community

    Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan has congratulated the community on its successful campaign to force the Abbott Government to back down on imposing the GST on moveable homes.

    “This is fantastic news for those living in local residential parks but also the wider community,” Ms Ryan said.

    “But it was only achieved because of the work and determination of local residents who were willing to stand up and be heard.”

    Ms Ryan raised the matter in Parliament on multiple occasions and presented the House with a petition protesting the change.

    “Locally, we campaigned strongly and together we have successfully fought against this plan.”

     “This back down will provide some welcome relief to those living in mobile homes, particularly those on a pension or fixed retirement income.”

    “As with most of the Abbott Government’s policies, this would have hurt the most vulnerable in our community.”

  • Time for Tony to Guarantee School Funding

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Minister for Education Christopher Pyne have broken their promise on education, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan said today.

    “This is a breach of trust for every parent in our community, and in Australia” Ms Ryan said.

    Since announcing the Government would walk away from the promised funding model, Mr Abbott has refused to guarantee that no school would be worse off.

    “This move shows that this is not the government they said they’d be. It also demonstrates how little they care about the future of our kids”.

    Ms Ryan said that as a former teacher and principal, she knew what Labor’s education funding model could do for local schools.

    “There are many schools in this electorate with great stories to tell about the positive impact Federal Labor Government funding has had on student results, disproving Mr Pyne’s claim that money hasn’t improved outcomes.”

    “I challenge Mr Pyne and Mr Abbott to come and meet local Principals and School Councils and listen to how these schools have used National Partnerships funding to improve classroom learning for students.”

    “What we now require is the delivery of what was promised. A national needs-based system so money is guaranteed for the kids that need it most.”

    “But what Mr Abbott is proposing is a return to the old broken system where inequalities go unaddressed.”

    “Local parents are rightly concerned about what this will mean for their children and I will fight to ensure their voices are heard.”