$16.8 Million cut from schools in Lalor

As the bell rings to start the 2018 academic year, schools in the electorate of Lalor are feeling the wrath of the Turnbull Government’s education cuts.

The Independent Parliamentary Budget Office has released data that shows schools will be hit hard by the Turnbull Government’s attack on education funding.

Over the next two years $16.8 million dollars of funding will be cut from schools in the electorate of Lalor. Across Victoria, government schools will lose $365.5 million of federal government funding.

Turnbull’s cuts to education are ruthless and demonstrate yet again that the Government is out of touch. Instead of investing in our children’s future, Turnbull is more concerned about giving big business’s a $65 million tax cut.

While Turnbull’s priority is to give handouts to the wealthy end of town, Labor will invest an additional $17 billion to properly fund schools.

Under Labor, Gonski reforms will be fully rolled out Australia wide to ensure that funding is allocated to schools on a needs basis - because Labor understands that all children should be given the opportunity to learn and excel at school.

Labor believes that no child should be left behind when it comes to education.

“As a former teacher and Principal, I understand the importance of needs based funding, to ensure that no child gets left behind when it comes to education. I know personally the impact of this failure to provide the planned levels of funding and what it means for school improvement. Labor will fully fund our promise which will mean another 114 teachers in our local schools” said Ms Ryan.


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