The Abbott Government has cruelly cut a fully-budgeted and approved grant awarded to a not-for-profit group in Werribee, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan said today.


Ms Ryan said the Abbott Government’s decision to cut the Building Multicultural Communities Program grant to Wyndham Community and Education Centre was heartless and short-sighted.


“The Abbott Government’s disgraceful decision to claw back $26,587 will prevent the Centre from providing important services to the local community,” Ms Ryan said.


“The funding was to be used to purchase computers and refit an existing shed in order to create a cultural arts and crafts facility for the community.”


Ms Ryan said community groups around Australia were receiving letters advising the Abbott Government had decided to withdraw their funding.


“It’s plain and simple, the Abbott Government doesn’t believe in community. These are small grants going to small organisations already running off the goodwill of good people and the smell of an oily rag.”


Ms Ryan said it was yet another example of a government that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.


“ Mr Abbott needs to look these community organisations in the eye and tell them why he is ripping away their funding,” she said.