Warringa Park School's Bethany Road campus

I rise to speak about the launch of the Warringa Park School's Bethany Road campus that happened in my electorate on Friday, 17 October. I was thrilled to join local and state representatives as well as being accompanied by Amanda Rishworth, our shadow assistant minister for education. I was also joined by education department officials, parents and students at what was a very special event.

Warringa Park School is school with special students in my electorate and, due to insightful, visionary leadership, signed a memorandum of agreement with Grange P12 college in 2012 to house a satellite school for Warringa Park on the Grange campus. This was a terrific day celebrating the creative leadership of both schools. I would also pay tribute to both school councils who joined together to create a special site for year 9 and year 10 students close to their homes. The smiles on the students' faces was reflected by the wonderful speeches given by principals, teachers, but ultimately by the students attending that college. It was a terrific day and now this campus joins Manor Lakes College, which is a mainstream school with a special education component. I would like to say that special education in Lalor is being well served by this good leadership.

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