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Joanne Ryan calls on the Abbott Government to ensure Lalor is added to the updated NBN rollout plan due soon. Currently this electorate is poorly serviced by the NBN.

Under Labor this area was scheduled to get the world class fibre-to-the-premises NBN - the NBN that delivers super-fast internet speeds using fibre optic cable.

Instead our community has been largely ripped off the map by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and most residents have no idea when the NBN will be coming to town and what kind of NBN it will be.

Malcolm Turnbull promised that areas with the poorest service would be the first to get the NBN. This is not happening.

My office frequently receives calls and emails from concerned residents about access to broadband generally, with some areas even struggling to receive ADSL let alone the NBN.

“I ended up paying $100 for 10 measly GB of internet. What a rip-off. Where is this great customer service?”

He had to wait 9 months for his internet to be connected

“We don’t have an internet port at our place and we are paying huge money for just 8 GB per month.”

“I moved from QLD a few months ago and now am living at Point Cook. It's a great place to live, but trying to get an Internet connection is very depressing.”

We also know that Malcom Turnbull has recently introduced extra fees for households to get connected- with a $600 fees for newly built houses. In this area dominated by new housing estates this will hit our community hard.

I am lobbying for Jason Clare, Labor’s Communications Shadow Minister to visit the area and hear directly from concerned residents about broadband provision.

I urge all residents having difficulty with accessing Broadband or the NBN to fill out the NBN survey on my website or contact my office so we can get a clear picture of the issues local face.

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