When thinking about the purpose of this blog I have focused on the questions I have been asked in the community since my election. Many people have expressed an interest in understanding the way our Parliament works and the daily work of a local member in Canberra. Many of these questions have come from local students. I hope therefore that this blog helps people connect to the work of the Federal Parliament and provides insights into the political processes that make our laws.

So ... Welcome to my regular blog that aims to record my work as Local Member for Lalor. I will write about the workings of the federal Parliament, the roles I play as local member, Opposition Whip, Deputy Chair of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party Caucus and member of Parliamentary and Caucus Committees. It will also keep you up to date on the issues that are being raised with me locally and that I am raising on behalf of the local community.

For interested students and schools, there is a wealth of information about our Parliament available through the Parliamentary Education Office.

More to come soon,


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