Budget to keep Abbots Job

Twelve months ago, the Abbott government and Treasurer Joe Hockey brought down a cruel and unfair budget—unfair to residents in my electorate of Lalor. It was a budget that attacked families at every level; a budget devoid of a families impact statement and a budget devoid of an impact-on-women statement. So you will forgive us, Mr Deputy Speaker, for our cynical response to the 2015 family package announcement by this government.

It has been delivered to rebadge the government as concerned about fairness. Conversely, it reinforces how out of touch this government really is with families in this country—particularly with families in my electorate of Lalor. It attacks the existing PPL program that will leave tens of thousands of families with new mothers out of pocket. It continues to be predicated on cuts to the childcare benefit that will leave families with two kids and who earn $65,000 a year with a $6,000 cut in their income. It continues to insist that childcare benefits will be cut after the child reaches six. This budget does not reflect a change of mind, and it will not reflect a change of intent. In fact, the member for Kooyong said today that he is 'very proud' of the 2014 budget and that it is 'unfortunate' that the GP tax will not go through. No, this is a budget about the Prime Minister's and the Treasurer's jobs.

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