An Albanese Labor Government will ease congestion in Wyndham by investing in the Wyndham Westlink and building the Ison Road Bridge.

As locals know, Wyndham is growing rapidly but Commonwealth investment is not keeping up.

That’s why an Albanese Labor Government will invest $57 million in the Wyndham Westlink, building the Ison Road Bridge to create a link connecting Wyndham Vale & Manor Lakes directly to the Princes Freeway.

When complete, this will provide an alternative for traffic currently funneled towards the Werribee City Centre, relieving congestion and enabling direct travel for locals between home, work and school.

The Victorian Government has provided funding for early works and planning, which means that Labor’s investment will go directly into construction.

While the Morrison-Joyce Government promises imaginary car parks in the inner eastern suburbs, only an Albanese Labor Government will deliver the infrastructure that the western suburbs need.