Cambridge Primary School

On 17 February this year, I visited Cambridge Primary School in my electorate. I commend the Principal, Meenah Marchbank, for leading this school on an amazing improvement journey. In 2002, the school was accredited as an international school by the European Council of International Schools; it is the first primary school globally to be accredited by this organisation.

I met assistant principals Nella Cascone and Craig Spry and the School Council President, Reg Stott—a very proud fireman and involved father. In the BER building—a new, fantastic gymnasium, which the school uses every day—I met with the newly elected school leaders and presented them with their captain badges. Cambridge Primary School captains for this year are Neesha Howarth and Deshan Vitharana Pathirana. I talked to them about leadership and about the fact that it is not always the best speaker or the first to stand up for a job who is the best leader but rather someone who their peers think will represent the school community well.

I walked away feeling buoyed by the enthusiasm and encouragement that the children receive at Cambridge Primary School from their incredibly professional staff and from their families. I wish the leaders a successful year, and I hope they carry the experiences and lessons learnt into their futures.

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