Cheaper Medicines and Better infrastructure


I rise to update the House on more good news for the community that I represent in the federal seat of Lalor. Today I know that it will be music to the ears of locals that the Albanese Labor government is going to make prescriptions cheaper for every Australian. This is really something that my community will be celebrating, along with other health announcements that I've outlined here this week.

 But that's not all. In Lalor they're also celebrating, because on Sunday I had the pleasure of joining Deputy Premier of Victoria Jacinta Allan; and the member for Werribee, the state's treasurer, Tim Pallas, to announce that the state and federal government would combine to build the Ison Road Bridge, a $114 million project that will take commuters in the west of Wyndham across the railway line and land them on the M1. This is fabulous news for my community. It's going to mean that people aren't driving into Werribee only to come out the other side and take an extra 15 minutes to get to the M1.

 I know that the people of Wyndham Vale and all of those people in the Harpley estate who've moved into those new homes will be absolutely thrilled when they see more work being done, because, of course, the state government had already started the preparatory work, and Wyndham City Council had been doing work as well. So now they'll see that moving really quickly, and it won't be long until there's a real reduction in travel times for people in my community.

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