Climate, Energy and Environment

Australians voted for action on climate change and the thousands of renewable energy jobs it will create. And with net zero by 2050 now law, we've already started delivering.


Updating our targets

After years of delay and denial and division, we've passed a climate change bill which will give the whole country certainty and allow us to deliver on our plan to create jobs, cut emissions and deliver cheaper energy.

Our climate bill enshrines our new emissions reduction target of 43% by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050 into law. We’re finally moving forward on climate.


Investing in renewables

Australia can be a renewable energy super power. We have the best resources in the world – including our people.

Labor’s Powering Australia plan will create jobs, cut power bills, and reduce emissions by boosting renewable energy.

We’re funding the Marinus Link which will connect mainland Australia to Tasmania’s abundant renewable hydropower, while ensuring Tasmania stays self-sufficient in renewable energy. And we’re funding new renewable energy zones and offshore wind projects in Australia.

We’ve already introduced laws to help Australia generate cheap offshore wind power. And our first budget funded 100 community solar banks and 400 community batteries.

Labor’s Rewiring the Nation initiative is delivering a modern electricity grid at lowest cost, with more jobs and investment, and lower pollution. And it will mean cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy and thousands of new jobs.


Protecting our environment

Our first budget includes record investments to protect, manage and restore the Great Barrier Reef. This will fund projects like employing Traditional Owners to manage land and sea country, investing in research, and stopping creatures like dugongs and turtles getting caught in fishing nets.

We will also protect threatened species, with a goal of zero extinctions and protecting and conserving at least 30% of Australia’s land mass by 2030.