First Nations

I am proud to be apart of a government committed to the Uluru Statement from the Heart, in full, including a constitutionally-enshrined Voice to Parliament. We’re renewing our national commitment to reconciliation and working in genuine partnership with First Nations people for better outcomes.


Voice to Parliament

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a generous, gracious hand outstretched. We should grasp it.

Giving people a voice in decisions that impact them will lift our whole nation up. Consulting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on issues that affect them is more than just common courtesy. It will lead to better outcomes.

We've already started consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities about enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament in our Constitution.

We’ve also set up a new Referendum Working Group and Engagement Group to work with the Australian people on this historic opportunity to change our nation for the better.

And our first budget provided funding to prepare for the referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament in our Constitution.


Closing the Gap

Labor established the first Closing the Gap framework in 2008. We are working with the Coalition of Peaks and all levels of government to raise ambitions and ensure sustained progress on the current National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Our first budget demonstrates our commitment to drive progress on the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. Delivering on priority reforms, and providing increased funding to achieve the socio-economic targets, will result in improved outcomes for all First Nations people.


Community Development Program

Labor will scrap the Community Development Program. The former government’s CDP is punitive and it has failed. It has caused real harm to communities across the North.

We are moving to replace the CDP with a new program with real jobs, proper wages and decent conditions for Australians living remote communities - developed in partnership with First Nations people.