Give Lalor families a fair go

It’s time Tony Abbott and the Liberals gave families in the electorate of Lalor a fair go.

Before the election, Tony Abbott said he wanted to help Australian families with the costs of raising children.

But Tony Abbott’s first budget slashes $5.5 billion from family payments and more than $1 billion from childcare. In this area with so many young families, these cuts will have a wide spread detrimental impact.

‘I have asked Labor’s Shadow Minister for Families and Payments, Jenny Macklin, to prioritise this area for a visit. This will enable Shadow Minister Macklin and the Labor party to get a clear understanding of the impact of these cuts’ said Ms Ryan

More than 20,000 families in Lalor will have their payments reduced and up to 10,000 low and middle income families will get less support for childcare.

Tony Abbott has also done a deal with Clive Palmer to scrap the Schoolkids Bonus.

This means more than 17,000 families locally will lose $410 each year for every eligible primary school aged child and $820 for every secondary school aged child.

And families will now have to pay more when they go to the doctor or fill up their car with petrol because of Tony Abbott’s new taxes.

If Tony Abbott is serious about supporting the families then he should drop these cuts immediately.

If you would like to send Tony Abbott a message and sign a petition you can now visit to call on Tony Abbott to drop these cruel cuts.

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