At the last election, Labor said we would strengthen Medicare, and we are delivering on that promise. We’re strengthening our health care system, making sure Australians can access the care that they need when they need it most.

Reversing the Liberals' local Medicare cuts

In 2019, the former Liberal Government cut the ability of local GP clinics to recruit doctors from overseas to deliver bulk-billed services. Clinics were reporting they couldn't take any new patients and wait times of 5 days in some cases with doctors, nurses & staff in tears because of the pressure this has put on them.

Since we've come to Government, Labor has reversed this cut - allowing local clinics to recruit more doctors to deliver bulk-billing services.

Boosting bulk-billing

The 2023 Budget delivered the largest ever increase in the bulk-billing incentive which will help over 97,000 locals access a bulk-billing doctor. 

Cheaper Medicine

We’ve made the biggest reduction to PBS medicine prices since the scheme was introduced.

From 1 January 2023, the maximum cost of medicines on the PBS was cut by $12.50, or almost 30 per cent. That means if you take a few medications a month, you could save hundreds of dollars a year. Labor's Cheaper Medicine policy has seen locals save $239,638 on their PBS listed medicines in January and February this year.

34,000 locals will also be able to buy 2 months' worth of medicine for the price of a single prescription, halving their visits to a GP and pharmacist, saving up to $180 a year for every eligible medicine they buy.

Medicare Urgent Care Clinics

We're establishing Medicare Urgent Care Clinics across the country so Australians have better access to the care they need, even after hours.

This includes one right here in Werribee.

The Albanese Labor Government will jointly-fund a Medicare Urgent Care Clinic with the Andrews State Labor Government in Werribee to ease pressure on Werribee Mercy Hospital.

Medicare Urgent Care Clinics will ease the pressure on our hospitals and give Australian families more options to see a healthcare professional when they have an urgent, but not life-threatening, need for care.

Medicare Urgent Care Clinics will be available after normal business hours and at no cost to patients.