Integrity in Politics

Australians should be able to have trust in their government. We’re making sure they can.


National Anti-Corruption Commission

The NACC will be an independent, transparent and powerful body that will look into serious and systemic corruption in national politics.

Because it will be independent, the NACC will make its own decisions on what to investigate. That will include referrals from whistleblowers, or complaints from the public.

It will be able to investigate corrupt conduct right across federal politics - and even look into things that happened before it was created.

The NACC will be overseen by representatives from a range of political parties to ensure its independence. It will always be at arm’s length from the government of the day.

Australians put their trust in us to restore integrity to politics. That's exactly what we’re doing.


Robodebt Royal Commission

People had their lives ruined by the former government’s Robodebt scheme. It was illegal, it was cruel, and it was harmful.

That’s why we’re holding a Royal Commission into Robodebt. It’s already started, and the full report will be delivered in April 2023.

We’re wiping any active Robodebt cases for almost 200,000 Australians.

And we’re making sure that something like this can never, ever happen again.