More bad news for NBN rollout

The new NBN rollout maps for Lalor show more than just no new areas for Lalor- it shows that an area previously under planning has disappeared from the map!

A large section of Wyndham Vale, which had been previously marked as ‘in the planning stage’ has been taken off the latest map’ said Mr Ryan, Member for Lalor.

I have written to the Minister for Communication, Malcolm Turnbull and asked for an explanation. This area has poor provision and now it’s getting worse not better.

As you may be aware, Ms Ryan is currently undertaking a survey about broadband provision locally. Some terrible stories of access have been highlighted in the survey responses.

I have tried to get broadband through multiple suppliers to tell me my house cannot get it. The best I can get is mobile broadband which is double the price for a 10th of the downloads.

I live in St James Wood Drive Tarneit. We've been here for 16 months. We've not been able to get any internet connected to our home AT ALL! No ADSL, no cable....nothing, because we're told there are no ports available, and Telstra will not be releasing anymore while NBN is being rolled out.

Our internet connection is very slow impacting on our daily lives and on our children currently doing VCE it is really unacceptable considering our world and society is now heavily based on technology.

I live 4 kilometres from the Werribee exchange and run a home-based business. The internet speeds are pathetic, making it difficult for me to maintain online backups of my work and send work to clients over the internet

I have just moved to the area, having previously lived in Gippsland and am appalled at not being able to access any internet in my area.

I previously lived in the UK and can't believe how slow and hideously expensive the internet costs are here.

I have asked Shadow Minister for Communication to prioritise a visit to the area so he can hear firsthand about the poor access we experience, he has committed to visiting prior to the budget session of Parliament’ added Ms Ryan.

Please fill out the broadband survey to share your experience click this link to fill out the NBN survey 


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