Multicultural Fiesta

On Sunday I had a great opportunity to celebrate Harmony Day at the Wyndham Multicultural Fiesta, at the beautiful Werribee Park. It was a great setting for what was a fabulous day. I joined my state colleague Tim Pallas MP, Victoria's Treasurer; Councillor Gupta and Councillor Fairclough, from Wyndham City Council; and representatives from various community groups, including AMES, the Bendigo Bank and Parks Victoria.

The Wyndham Multicultural Fiesta is a day to celebrate diversity and inclusivity and to share our different cultures through music, dance and food. We enjoyed great performances from 19 different groups who participated in this wonderful event from all four corners of the globeā€”if you will forgive that expression.

My local community is incredibly diverse and the day showed that off beautifully. I would like to congratulate the organisers, Jennie Barrera of the Wyndham Community and Education Centre and Richard Dove from Victoria Police; and the Wyndham Humanitarian Network for making this fantastic celebration possible. Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are. It was wonderful to see toddlers through to octogenarians enjoying the perfect weather and a wonderful day. I would also like to thank Kathy Brunton and to make special mention of her and her fabulous team who, as always, organised a wonderful event.

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