New analysis released recently by the Victorian Government confirms waiting times will blow out, elective surgery will be cut and patients in Lalor will suffer as a result of Tony Abbott’s $57 billion in hospital cuts.

Tony Abbott repeatedly promised during the 2013 election “no cuts to health” but in his very first Budget tore up Labor’s National Health Reform Agreement with the states and ripped $57 billion out of their hospital funding.

This analysis shows this broken promise will cost the two health services that cover our region over $1 billion, with the Mercy Health Service losing $377 million and Western Health Services losing $793 million over the over the next decade, Ms Ryan, Federal Member for Lalor said today.

‘But the real victims of these cuts will be the patients, including the 33,570 that present to the emergency department and the over 3,500 local women who give birth at Werribee Mercy each year’ said Ms Ryan.

“This funding cut will mean patients will be waiting even longer in emergency departments and on elective surgery waiting lists.

“At the COAG meeting with state and territory leaders Mr Abbott himself admitted these cuts were not sustainable.

“The people of Lalor deserve better than a government which only ever sees health as a source for Budget cuts.”

Only Labor believes in Medicare, and only Labor will protect Medicare and build the health system, for the 21st Century that Australian deserve.

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