No New NBN on latest rollout plans

The latest NBN rollout maps show no new areas in Lalor.

That’s no new areas since the 2013 election.

‘I have lobbied hard to ensure this community has access to quality broadband provision. My recent survey shows we have a serious internet access problem. Every day I receive emails and phone calls from local residents and businesses outlining the battle to ensure reliable, fast internet access’ said Ms Ryan.

Ms Ryan has raised this in the parliament, written several times to the Minister for Communication, and hosted a broadband forum with Shadow Minister Jason Clare, so he could hear firsthand about the concerns from local residents.

Under Labor, this area was scheduled to get the world class fibre-to-the-premises NBN - the NBN that delivers super-fast internet speeds using fibre optic cable.

Instead our community has been largely ripped off the map by Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull and most residents have no idea when the NBN will be coming to town and what kind of NBN it will be.

Malcolm Turnbull promised that areas with the poorest service would be the first to get the NBN. This is not happening.

We also know that Malcom Turnbull that from July 1, the Abbott Government has introduced extra fees for households to get connected- with a $900 fees for newly built houses. In this area dominated by new housing estates this will hit our community hard.

I urge all residents having difficulty with accessing Broadband or the NBN to fill out the NBN survey on my website or contact my office so we can get a clear picture of the issues local face.

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  • Neil Grieves
    commented 2016-01-14 23:10:12 +1100
    Took a Job in ballarat. Can get their more reliably and timely than getting out of Tarneit. Can’t get internet Telstra have no ports. Tpg system won’t work with current infrastructure. Optus.primus no ports. No investment due to nbn coming. Julia wrote me a letter 7 years ago telling me we will have the nbn within 2 years. Now it’s maybe only 18 mths away. I work with people all over victoria. The nbn is going into places that don’t have Internet issues. Tarneit is the mobile network cash cow. $10 p/gig. You could spend that amount daily with software updates. It’s corrupt…
  • Philip Farrelly
    commented 2015-09-23 20:06:10 +1000
    Please don’t blame the current government for trying to fix labor’s flawed plan – it was always going to be obsolete and too expensive before it was even finished – NBN and more importantly the monopoly created to roll it out essentially stifled any other investment a competitor may have been willing to make in the western suburbs of Melbourne – meanwhile we continue to live as 3rd class citizens in a 3rd world country (from an infrastructure viewpoint) – let down by both major parties for different reasons – we can only hope for an independent candidate that will put us back on the map
  • Bela Banyay
    commented 2015-08-15 10:08:23 +1000
    Well, Joanne, isn’t it a case with the Western suburbs in all infrastructural situation? Labor is blaming the Coalition, Coalition is blaming Labor and in the meanwhile nothing gets done with the infrastructure here. See the Point Cook road turmoil, the (none existent) parking facilities at Laverton Station, just to name these two, but I could go on and on.
    This is the curse of a “safe” Labor seat. Labor will get the votes regardless even if nothing gets done. From that 640million what our Victorian Government wasted on nothing, lots of things could have been achieved.
    By the way, most of the Seabrook, Altona Meadows, Laverton area Optus has cable internet service. Where the cables go underground in Seabrook, we have a “snail-fast” ADSL what is getting more and more congested since NETFLIX came to the scene. Would it be better to talk to OPTUS and negotiate with them to extend their services?
    Kind regards, Bela Banyay, Seabrook resident