Regional Rail Link

It will be no surprise to anyone in the chamber that I rise today to speak about the Regional Rail Link. I do so with great pride, being the member for Lalor, where two of the new stations are situated. This initiative will make a difference to people's lives in my electorate. I have spoken before about catching the train to and from Melbourne recently and the number of times I have listened to conversations around me in those jam-packed carriages in peak hour, talking about the great day when the Regional Rail Link will open. That day is fast approaching.

On Saturday, there were 2,000 people—2,000 people!—at a community day at the Tarneit station, which of course we visited on Sunday. We were joined by the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, of course, and by Minister Jacinta Allan, and we were also joined by the deputy leader of the government. The Deputy Prime Minister came to open this great Regional Rail Link. Let me say: he was very pleased to be there, as the photos attest, with a smile from ear to ear—so excited to be part of a project that was building stations for people to use from next week. He was thrilled, very thrilled, to be there.

It is going to make a difference for the people in my electorate—an enormous difference. We have thousands of people who have been travelling for up to 40 minutes to get to other stations. This is great news for Victoria. Those opposite should get on board.

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