Schoolkids Bonus cuts

Families and schools in Lalor are doing it tough. Lalor has the second highest number—behind Rankin—of families receiving childcare benefits. That is nearly 7,000 families in my electorate. We have the highest amount of schoolkids bonus recipients in Lalor. The cut to the schoolkids bonus will add up to $17 million out of families' pockets and out of our schools—excursions, camps, uniforms and books—and out of our local economy. These things are under threat because the government that sits opposite is determined to hurt people in electorates like mine. I represent over 47,000 hardworking families—many low-income families—with combined incomes of $65,000 a year. They will lose $6,000 a year under this cruel government and its cruel budget.

The schoolkids bonus is important. And this government, if it is serious about becoming a good government, needs to address this issue immediately. It needs to reach out to the families in Lalor and show them that it cares about Australians. It needs to be the good government it claims to be.

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