Statement on National TAFE Day


I rise with all of my colleagues today to celebrate National TAFE Day—and to note that it's just over 12 months since the Jobs and Skills Summit, one of the first actions of the Albanese Labor government to look into, in depth, what we had been left by those opposite after 10 years of neglect. And what did we find? We found a major skills shortage. And how did the Albanese Labor government respond? They got to work. They got to work for Australia. And they got to work on TAFE.

I'm very proud to be a member of a government that during its first six months set itself a target of 180,000 enrolments for fee-free TAFE, which was oversubscribed to 215,000. I want to pay tribute to the TAFE teachers who are with us today and all those who work in the sector who have supported those students in their enrolments and in the beginning of their studies. It is all good news in TAFE since the Albanese Labor government came to power. We have seen such strong demand, and 60 per cent are women.

We're now doubling down. We know how to fix the skills shortage. It's to get the young people from underrepresented communities into further study, and TAFE is just the place for many to do that. We're making funding available for a further 300,000 fee-free TAFE places, starting in January next year. There is everything to celebrate on National TAFE Day from the Albanese Labor government.

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