Victorian State Election


I'm proud to rise today, surrounded by my federal Labor colleagues from Victoria, because Victorians go to the polls on Saturday. I want to say directly to the people of Lalor: you're going to the polls on Saturday, and you have an opportunity to be part of creating a great partnership between federal Labor and state Labor. We have waited nine long years to work together to deliver for our state, after being starved of funds by the previous government at the federal level. But despite that lack of funds, Victorian Labor has delivered for our area.

I've got a long memory, and I remember the last Victorian state Liberal government. They did not build one school in four years in the fastest-growing area of Australia. Not one school! And since they've been turfed, we've had multiple—not single, but multiple—new schools every year under this state Labor government, because they know that in the outer west people care deeply about the aspirations of their children. They know that our children in the outer west deserve the best schools and the best teachers. They deserve to feel valued with the best facilities. And this government have delivered. They've delivered every day. They have spent $1.8 billion in roads in the west—$1.25 billion of that in the City of Wyndham. Bring back a Labor government for another term, and watch us work together.

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