Abbott Government Blocks Manufacturing Debate

Joanne Ryan, Member for Lalor, has described the Abbott Government's decision to block discussion about local manufacturing as a cynical attempt to censor debate.

Ms Ryan said the Coalition had used their majority in the House of Representatives to avoid further comment regarding the end of Toyota's operations and the troubled manufacturing industry.

"More Wyndham residents work in manufacturing than in any other industry, but the Abbott Government has deliberately prevented me from raising the concerns of residents regarding job losses," Ms Ryan said.

"They have suppressed not only my voice - but the voice of every single local resident affected by this issue."

Ms Ryan said she had hoped she would be able to discuss how the recent Toyota announcement would impact upon workers, their families and the wider community.

"Instead the Abbott Government has tried to shut down debate and shirk their responsibility in bringing about these job losses."

"But it is my role to represent the concerns of our community and I will continue to do this - whether the Abbott Government wants me to or not."

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