Election Statement

I would like to congratulate and thank the other candidates running for the seat of Lalor.

In recent weeks at train stations and at early voting booths, I have seen a level of respect between candidates and volunteers that shows that all Australians – regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum – understand how important our democracy is.

I would also like to thank volunteers and supporters for their efforts over the course of the campaign. They have been with me every step of the way – and without them I would not be here.

Labor has a strong and proud history of representing the needs of this community and that history is due to the hard work of our members and volunteers.

Finally – and most importantly - I’d like to thank the people of Lalor for their support. It is an absolute privilege to represent the Lalor electorate in Federal Parliament, and I will continue my work in fighting to achieve better outcomes for our community.

Now it is time to roll up my sleeves, and start the hard work of fighting for the people of Lalor.

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