Joanne Ryan Congratulates Diwali Organisers

Member for Lalor, Ms Joanne Ryan, said it was an honour to be a part of Wyndham's first Diwali festival.

"Wyndham's first multicultural festival of lights has been a great success, and it was a privilege to be able to speak as part of the celebration," Ms Ryan said.

"Diwali is an important event to many local residents, and it's only fitting we have an occasion like this to celebrate it together, as a community."

Ms Ryan congratulated the organisers on their work in establishing the festival.

"This is a great achievement and reflects the dedication of the local community, Wyndham City Council and important sponsorship from the Victorian Multicultural Commission."

"The organisers have done a fantastic job of creating a vibrant, fun and inclusive event for the entire community."

"I look forward to attending the Wyndham Diwali festival for many years to come."

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