Local awards

Recently I attended a celebration evening with the City of Wyndham in my electorate to recognise the wonderful work of many volunteers in our community and to award the Citizen of the Year. So often our volunteers are the quiet achievers not seeking recognition. Giving their time to projects that contribute to our community is often satisfying in itself. However, it is important to stop and recognise those who give so much.

I would like to acknowledge the category winners: Frances Overmars for her care for the environment and sustainability; Aimee Lane for sports and recreation; Britney Penpraze, a young volunteer; Rosie Dunne for community engagement; Helen Gunn and Anne Marie Dey for community health and wellbeing; and Margaret Campbell for culture, arts and tourism. Margaret Campbell was also named Wyndham Citizen of the Year.

It was a privilege to witness Margaret receiving this acknowledgement. I have personally enjoyed working with Margaret on a variety of projects, most recently as panel member on the Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program. Margaret's self-sacrifice and genuine care for others has been demonstrated on numerous occasions for many years and for many organisations. Margaret is also a well-known historian and author who has written on several occasions about the history of our great community.

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