Manor Court - Aged Care Payroll Tax Supplement removal

I rise today on behalf of Manor Court aged care in my electorate of Lalor. I have been contacted by the managing director, Mr Ross Smith, who has deep concerns about the removal of the aged care payroll tax supplement as of 1 January 2015.

Mr Smith calculates that even with the increase in the base subsidy, which he welcomed, the removal of the supplement will mean a net cost to Manor Court of a staggering $85,000 per year. So whilst the Abbott government throws a bone with one hand it removes so much more with the other. Mr Smith has highlighted this in his letter of 2 June this year to the Minister the Social Services, where he wrote that the significant impact 'will mean that we once again have to reduce services to elderly residents to survive.'

I met with residents at this facility engaged in a knitting session. They are still making valuable contributions to our community through their work supporting hospitals and animal care shelters. These residents and all other residents in aged care deserve this government's support. I urge the Abbott government to stop playing games, to stop and listen to the people who are running our aged care facilities and to reinstate the aged care payroll supplement.

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