St Patrick's Day

I rise tonight to talk about St Patrick's Day and the fact that I represent the seat of Lalor. I have been prompted by Deputy Speaker Goodenough, who has suggested that if I say Lalor often enough in this place it will continue and people will pick up that it is an Irish name and an Irish word.

Honourable members interjecting—

Ms RYAN: I note also that the member for Lalor would love to attend this evening's St Patrick's Day event at Old Parliament House which, I believe, will be lit up in green to celebrate this very special day. I know that the member for Hotham beside me also shares my Irish heritage. You will note that we both chose black and white to wear today—sometimes having an Irish surname is enough and you do not need green accoutrements to go with it. As the member for Lalor, I will continue to correct everyone who says 'Laylor' in this place and see if we cannot get an acknowledgement of the great Irish Australian Peter Lalor.

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