Thomas Carr College

I rise to speak about a visit I made on 18 February to Thomas Carr College in my electorate. I have had the pleasure a few times since the election of meeting with Dr Andrew Watson, the college's principal. On this occasion I met with the college's high-achiever students from 2013, all of whom obtained an ATAR score above 90. I would like to congratulate those students: Vuong Phan, the 2013 college dux; Nicholas Mastos; Aaron Diker; Quynh Diep; Harsh Bhambra; and Isaac Lobo. These students made considerable sacrifices to achieve stunning results for the college. I wish these highly successful students, and all their peers from the graduating class of 2013, well in their plans for the future.

The college offers a broad curriculum, which is reflected in its arts acquisition program. I visited last October to attend the annual art show. I was struck by the talent of the students and the positive relationships between staff and students. The ceremony I attended recently also included the investiture of the college leaders. I congratulate those leaders: Abby McDonald, Nicholas Parella, Helena Carapina, Adrian Debrincat, Erin Sidwell and Jacob Sigismondi. I wish all in the school a terrific learning year.

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