Tony Abbott Halts NBN Rollout In Werribee

The Abbott Government has put the brakes on Werribee’s National Broadband Network fibre rollout, leaving the community to rely on last century’s copper, Member for Lalor Joanne Ryan said today.

“Overnight the Abbott Government has pulled the plug on delivering fibre-to-the-home broadband to Werribee,” Ms Ryan said. 

“Considering much of the work has already been done to deliver NBN fibre connection to our community, the Abbott Government really is just denying access to local residents.”

“Under Labor, we were scheduled to receive NBN fibre connection within months.”

Ms Ryan said that Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull’s decision would leave local residents with out-dated and second-rate technology. 

“Residents and business owners will be left with one of two choices: battle on using copper, or pay up to $5,000 to have fibre connected to their premises.” 

“I know how much our community would benefit from the opportunities that affordable, high-speed fibre broadband would bring, but the Abbott Government has chosen to stop this in its tracks.” 

Ms Ryan said Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull were denying hundreds of thousands of Australians access to the improved health, educational and business opportunities that fibre to the home would deliver. 

“The Government should be ramping up the rollout of the NBN – instead they have chosen to slow it down indefinitely.” 

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