We ‘saved the Rec’!

The local community told us several years ago the wanted to ‘Save the Rec’ and the Wyndham Council- with Federal Labor support- have done just that.

‘It was an absolute pleasure to attend the opening of the new Sports stadium’ said Ms Ryan, Federal Member for Lalor.

Labor in Government delivered the Regional Development Australia Fund, which invested more than $1 billion to leverage projects worth more than $2.7 billion across Australia.

In total, the Wyndham Community benefitted from almost $14 million in funding for 11 local projects. In total, the electorate of Lalor, benefitted from almost $20 million in funding.

This stadium redevelopment project is a great example of the levels of government working together for the local community.

Local councils are so well placed to know the community infrastructure that their communities need, that’s why, when Labor was in government, we worked in close partnership to deliver the funding to support these projects.

This stadium was the largest of the RDAF projects undertaken in partnership between Wyndham Council and the previous Federal Government- a project worth over $40million, with a $9 million contribution by the former Labor Government.

The Wyndham Council works hard to ensure community facilities keep up with growth - an enormous challenge – one they are constantly working hard on. A challenge that Labor in the past has shown it can support.

It is disappointing, that to date, the current Federal Government has not provided any new funds for community infrastructure to the Wyndham Community.

The recent announcement of the Stronger Regions grants- allocated $257 to Liberal and National seats and only $39 million to non-government seats.

Some say, that as a safe seat, this area never receives its fair share- however the figures do not support this claim.

Almost $20million in community infrastructure committed by the previous Labor government- Labor understands the pressures on growth communities. The current Government commitment to date = $0.

Rest assured, I am ensuring this communities needs are being heard loudly and clearly up in Canberra.

So while the netballers, basketballers, volley ball and badminton players get to enjoy this new facility, I’ll be in Canberra lobbying for the next projects our community needs.

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