Pink Stumps Day

I rise today to acknowledge the many groups that support the McGrath Foundation through Pink Stumps Day. Pink Stumps Day is the biggest community based fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation and happens annually on 22 February. In particular, I recognise the Werribee Cricket Club, which recently held a function to raise funds for the foundation—last Saturday, in fact. I would like to acknowledge Chris Burton, who organised the Pink Stumps Ladies Day High Tea Cricket Day, with guest speakers, raffles and the opportunity to come together as a community. The afternoon was a great success, raising much-needed funds. I was fortunate enough to be invited to address the audience at the Werribee Cricket Club, and it was wonderful to see over 120 beautifully pink-clad women and men from my electorate supporting such a worthy cause.

And it is a worthy cause, because every family has come into contact with people that they know and love that get that dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer. When local groups like the Werribee Cricket Club and the Laverton Cricket Club, which also has a Pink Stumps Day event, take the time to organise a fundraising event, it encourages the community to become involved. It promotes the good work of the McGrath Foundation and it brings people together. We were fortunate too to hear from and meet a breast care worker who is employed by the McGrath Foundation through the Geelong Hospital. I congratulate both the Werribee and Laverton cricket clubs on their great work in supporting the Pink Stumps Day initiative.

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