Wyndham Welcomes New Citizens

153 new citizens have been welcomed by Member for Lalor, Joanne Ryan, as part of Wyndham’s Australia Day celebrations.

“Australia Day means different things to every Australian, whether they are citizens by birth or by choice,” Ms Ryan said.

“It is a day to reflect upon our past as well as our present, and an opportunity for everyone to come together to help shape our nation.”

“Those taking the pledge today are demonstrating their commitment to Australia and to our common future.”

Ms Ryan said it was a privilege to be a part of the ceremony and to welcome some of Wyndham’s newest citizens.

“As a community, we are proud of our diversity and together we celebrate our unique mixture of culture and languages.”

“We are particularly thankful for those who have chosen to make Wyndham their home and we value the contribution you have made and will continue to make to our region.”

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